Michael Footman

Partner, PwC Hong Kong

Michael Footman is a Partner with PwC Hong Kong and has been working with global financial institutions in Hong Kong and Australia.  Over the course of his career, he has been involved in providing advisory and assurance services to financial markets, retail and commercial banking and wealth management clients.  

Michael is primarily involved in performing regulatory reviews at the direction of regulators and to support management initiatives.   These reviews encompassed broad areas such as governance, three lines of defence and conduct.  In addition, deep dives were performed into specific areas of concern.  More recently, these areas of focus have included investment suitability, pricing and disclosure practices, sponsor activities, contract note rule compliance, credit risk and underwriting practices.

Michael also works with industry bodies to provide feedback on consultation papers issued by local and global regulators.  He has also been active in performing industry surveys and interviews to evaluate current market practice in response to new and emerging regulations.  He uses this perspective to advise clients on how best to respond to the increasing volume and complexity of regulation they are subject to.