Charline Ni

China Technology Leader, PwC China

Charline is the China Technology Leader and Assurance Partner at PwC China, based in the Beijing office. 

Charline has extensive exposure to the IPO market, assisting many Chinese domestic companies'  listing projects in the Hong Kong and US markets. She completed two milestone Hong Kong IPO projects as the engagement leader in the past two years. Currently, Charline is leading assurance engagements for one US-listed and one Hong Kong-listed company, as well as a handful on-going US and Hong Kong IPO engagements. Charline spent two years at the San Jose office of PwC US.

Charline specialises in the Technology, Multimedia & Telecommunications industry, handling assurance engagements for a number of internet companies, including global leading companies, super unicorns, and high potential startups.

Charline is a certified public accountant of the Chinese Institution of Certified Public Accountants and American Institution of Certified Public Accountants.