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Setting up business in Macau

We are positioned to serve our clients by providing integrated solutions

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Our Assurance Services includes audit, accounting and regulatory advice, attest and attest-related services.

  • Audit - statutory, regulatory, environmental and social compliance audits.
  • Accounting and regulatory advice - corporate structures, technical accounting advice, review of treasury operations, review of finance function, compliance with current and new regulations.
  • ValueReporting - PricewaterhouseCoopers' innovative approach to performance measurement and corporate reporting designed to meet investors' and other stakeholders' needs for more and better information.
  • Attest and attest-related services - independent validation or assessment of financial and non-financial data, such as assessment of royalties, and regulatory returns for regulated industries.

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Training for corporates

We provide training solutions to corporates on business critical areas often associated with major change initiatives.

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Business establishment consulting

With increased business and economic development in Macau, more and more foreign firms seek business or investment opportunities here. As your full fledged business advisors, we provide integrated one stop services for clients who have plans to establish a tax or business presence in Macau.

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Managing risks

PricewaterhouseCoopers' Risk Management professionals develop enterprise-wide risk management solutions for related operational controls. We calibrate and build measurement methodologies, performance measurement systems, and the related management processes to link risk to return and shareholder value.

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Due diligence review

A full-scope financial, accounting and tax due diligence review or a specific procedure review will provide you with a better understanding of the relevant consequences on the potential acquisition of a target company, which is important to your assessment of the investment opportunities.

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Tax advisory

PricewaterhouseCoopers' Tax professionals provide all forms of regulatory compliance services and other types of process-driven activities through our tax compliance and corporate administrative offerings. We serve clients of all sizes, from local businesses to multinational corporations who have decided to outsource their compliance requirements.

Our Tax professionals also assist in structuring transactions in the most effective way through a clear understanding of business drivers specific to your industry. We provide solutions and a business model throughout all stages of the process.

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Grace Cheung

Senior Advisor, PwC Macau

Tel: +[853] 8799 5121

Monica Ng

Partner, PwC Macau

Tel: +[853] 8799 5158 / +[852] 2289 1218