Due diligence

We match our due diligence procedures to your specific needs: First, we understand your investment, your objectives and your needs. Then, we provide help throughout the transaction process and design due diligence procedures to meet these objectives.

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We can help you better understand value drivers and negotiation points based on thorough and focused due diligence across key areas such as financial, tax, operational, HR and IT.
  • Providing valuable insight into the target or its parent group’s shareholding structure and the relevant country’s business, regulatory, and tax environment;
  • Evaluating quality of historical financial statistics to identify opportunities to improve the financial performance;
  • Assessing potential non-financial exposures (e.g., legal and environmental risks) and liabilities and comment on possible solutions to reduce the relevant risks;
  • Reviewing key tax information, understanding industry specific tax attributes, quantifying tax exposures and suggesting remedial actions, where applicable to increase the effectiveness of tax function/administration;
  • Highlighting key issues and risks arising from our review of HR related matters, including: current employee compensation, pension plans, non-compliance with labour laws, retention of key employees and restructuring;
  • Reviewing information systems and assessing risks and issues relating to integration.
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