Consulting Publications

Aug 2017 How MiFID II impacts APAC operations
Aug 2017 Hong Kong Recovery Planning - Wave 3
Jul 2017 Resolution Planning
Jun 2017 Big data, online portals, and community care: the future of elderly care in Hong Kong
May 2017 Value from risk and finance alignment
Feb 2017 China and Belt & Road Infrastructure
Nov 2016 The mall of the future - It's nothing like today
Nov 2016 The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2017 - How organizations are adopting innovative safeguards to manage threats and achieve competitive advantages in a digital era
Nov 2016 Entertainment & Media Outlook 2016 - Video gaming: Pokémon GO - Where does the tax go?
Nov 2016 PwC software robotics
Nov 2016 Family business in China and Hong Kong: Evolving with the times while navigating a competitive environment
Oct 2016 Connected car report 2016: Opportunities, risk, and turmoil on the road to autonomous vehicles
Oct 2016 Stress testing your anti-money laundering / counter-terrorist financing programme
Sep 2016 Establishing an "In-House Bank" under Hong Kong's Corporate Treasury Centre policy to improve global competitiveness
Aug 2016 Big Data, smart cities, and the future of Hong Kong
Aug 2016 Payments in the wild tech world - Digitisation and changing customer expectations
May 2016 The rise of China's silicon dragon
Apr 2016 Managing foreign exchange risks - Braving the FX volatility storms with confidence
Apr 2016 Treasury management system - A tool to deliver your strategic priorities
Mar 2016 The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2016 - Turnaround and transformation in cybersecurity
Mar 2016 Hong Kong introduces new Corporate Treasury Centre policy to promote excellence in managing financial risks under the 'New Normal' (2nd edition)
Mar 2016 Reimagining operations - Insights from PwC's 2015 Global Operations Survey
Feb 2016 Under attack: are organisations doing enough to tackle the cyber threat?
Dec 2015 Is customer churn good for business?
Dec 2015 Insurance 2020: Are Actuaries being replaced by algorithms?
Oct 2015 2015 Global digital IQ survey
Jun 2015 Delivering on O2O: How Chinese retailers can respond to the blurring of online and offline
May 2015 Consumer Intelligence Series - Customer care evolution: Digital leads the way
Feb 2015 Total retail 2015: Retailers and the age of disruption
Feb 2015 Closing the Gap between knowing and doing
Jan 2015 Three surprising digital bets for 2015
Nov 2014 Building customer trust - A perspective on service organisation controls reporting options
Nov 2014 The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2015 - Managing cyber risks in an interconnected world
Nov 2014 Banks - Bring your own device (BYOD) & customer data protection - Are you ready?
Oct 2014 Creating confidence in culture and behaviours
Sep 2014 Innovation plus Formula E delivers electric vehicle 'tipping point' by 2020?
Sep 2014 Mobile innovation forecast
Apr 2014 PwC's 6th Annual Digital IQ Survey

Publications prior to Jan 2014 have been archived.