Retail and consumer publications

Aug2017       20th CEO Survey: Key findings from the retail & consumer industry
May 2017       eCommerce in China – the future is already here
May 2017       Harnessing operational efficiency: Achieving sustainable retail success
Feb 2017       Total Retail Survey 2017
Oct 2016       Connected car report 2016: Opportunities, risk, and turmoil on the road to autonomous vehicles
Jun 2016       The disruptive face of the retail and consumer products sector in China and Hong Kong
Apr 2016       What is next for cross-border e-commerce (B2C) business in China?
Feb 2016       Total Retail 2016: They say they want a revolution
Feb 2016       19th Annual Global CEO Survey - Retail and consumer industry key findings: Redefining business success in a changing world
Feb 2016       Latest developments and trends of tax policies for cross-border trade and e-commerce in China 
Jan 2016       Retail sector: Tax rate benchmarking
Oct 2015       Regulations for electronic trading - Are you meeting the expectations?
Sep 2015       New regulation on stored value facilities - Are you ready?
Jun 2015       Latest developments of tax policies for retail and consumer industry and e-commerce in China
Jun 2015       Delivering on O2O: How Chinese retailers can respond to the blurring of online and offline
May 2015       China to open up its import tariff and importation policies for consumer products
Feb 2015       Total retail 2015: Retailers and the age of disruption
Feb 2015       18th Annual Global CEO Survey - Key findings in the retail and consumer industry
Feb 2015       2015-16 Outlook for the Retail and Consumer Products Sector in Asia
Jan 2015       International tax reform may bring higher tax and compliance burden for digital business - China Tax News  
Aug 2014       Revenue recognition: Retail and consumer industry supplement - A comprehensive look at the new revenue model
Feb 2014       17th CEO Survey (2014) - Key findings in the retail and consumer goods industry

Publications prior to Feb 2014 have been archived.