Automotive publications

Aug 2017       PwC Automotive industry bluebook (2017 Edition)
Mar 2017       Car sharing business - Development trends, business model and solutions
Jan 2017       PwC China automotive capability statement
Oct 2016       Connected car report 2016: Opportunities, risk, and turmoil on the road to autonomous vehicles
Jun 2016       Autofacts Analyst Note - US dealerships: An American tradition
May 2016       Autofacts Analyst Note - Japan: Contingency planning
May 2016       Driving value: 2015 Automotive M&A insights
Apr 2016       Autofacts Analyst Note - China: At a turning point
Mar 2016       Autofacts Analyst Note - India: Getting tough on emissions
Feb 2016       Autofacts Analyst Note - Brazil: Anatomy of a breakdown
Feb 2016       Legal Flash: Draft 'Administrative Measures for Automobile Sales' now released - an analysis from the perspective of the auto distribution system
Feb 2016       19th Annual Global CEO Survey - Automotive industry key findings: Redefining business success in a changing world
Feb 2016       Connected car study 2015: Racing ahead with autonomous cars and digital innovation
Jan 2016       Autofacts Analyst Note - Europe: Electrification and beyond
Dec 2015       Autofacts Analyst Note - US: Terms and conditions
Dec 2015       Driving value: 2015 Midyear automotive M&A insights
Nov 2015       Autofacts Analyst Note - Global market update
Nov 2015       Riding Southeast Asia's automotive highway
Sep 2015       Autofacts Analyst Note - China: Coming down to earth
Aug 2015       Autofacts Analyst Note - Breaking down the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Jul 2015       Autofacts Analyst Note - Brazil: Sitting idly by
Jun 2015       Autofacts Analyst Note - US: The (growing) lap of luxury
Jun 2015       Modularization: The way to improve product profit under new normal economy
Jun 2015       Product profit management: The key lever of operational effectiveness improvement
Jun 2015       Modularization: The way to improve product profit under new normal economy
May 2015       Autofacts Analyst Note - Europe: When every gram counts
Apr 2015       18th Annual Global CEO Survey - Key findings in the automotive industry
Apr 2015       Autofacts Analyst Note - City tier analysis of light vehicles in China
Mar 2015       Autofacts Analyst Note - The oil conundrum
Feb 2015       Autofacts Analyst Note - What goes up, must come down?
Jan 2015       Autofacts Analyst Note - Strong growth gets stronger
Jan 2015       Anti-trust law to profoundly reshape the China auto sector in 2015 and beyond
Jan 2015       The shift from ownership to access: How will the automotive industry respond to new consumption models in China?
Oct 2014       Creating confidence in culture and behaviours
Sep 2014       Innovation - Executive Perspectives Innovation plus Formula E delivers electric vehicle 'tipping point' by 2020?
Jun 2014       Revenue recognition: Automotive industry supplement - A comprehensive look at the new revenue model

Publications prior to Jan 2014 have been archived.