China Tax/Business News Flash

Aug 2017, Issue 28

Looking into the 22 Measures to attract foreign investment, what aspects of business environment for foreign investment in China are improved?

Since early this year, China has released several circulars including 20 Measures to attract foreign investments (the “20 Measures”), the negative list for foreign investments in the pilot free trade zones (PFTZ) (the “2017 PFTZ Negative List”), the new version of Industry Catalogue Guide for Foreign Investment (the “Catalogue”) and Provisional Measures for the Record-filing Administration on the Establishment and Alteration of Foreign-invested Enterprises (FIEs), to further promote foreign investments in China. On 8 August 2017, the State Council issued another new circular setting forth 22 measures to further improve the business environment for foreign investment in China (Guofa [2017] No. 39) (hereinafter referred to as the “22 Measures”).  The 22 Measures cover five areas, namely: furthering relaxing the access restriction on foreign capital, formulating fiscal and taxation incentives, improving the comprehensive investment environment for state level economic development zones, facilitating talent entrance and exit as well as optimizing business environment.

In this issue of China Tax and Business News Flash, we will analyse the measures on the further opening-up to foreign capital, as well as the new fiscal and taxation policies to attract foreign investors, share our views on other key points in the 22 Measures and the trend of foreign investments in China.

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