Sustainability and climate change advisory

We assist our clients in the areas of corporate governance and business ethics, climate change and emission reductions, environmental health and safety management, corporate social responsibility, strategy and economics, responsible supply-chain management, and reporting of non-financial information.
For companies looking to improve business performance and create long-term shareholder value, we can help develop a corporate responsibility / sustainability strategy that focuses on key issues for clients' business and enhances relationships with key stakeholder groups.

Potential issues

  • You need to understand your key corporate responsibility / sustainability issues and their social, environmental and economic impact;
  • You need to develop or improve your corporate responsibility / sustainability:
    • Governance structure
    • Policy framework
    • Risk management processes, including supply chains
    • Performance measurement framework and reporting systems and processes
  • You are making a new investment, or divesting part of your business, and need due diligence work to be carried out to determine the nature and extent of any environmental / health and safety liabilities; or
  • You need to develop a carbon strategy, identify ways to reduce your direct and indirect carbon emissions and define your approach to carbon trading.

How we can support you

The sustainability and climate change practice provides advice and services in a number of areas, primarily on:

Sustainability strategy design and deployment services

We help clients develop a well thought-out, credible and effective Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") strategy.  As it can be a daunting and time-consuming task, organisations need to understand and prioritise both the strategic and reputational risks that arise as a consequence of their business practices and operations.  Our methodology includes the following 5-phases for CSR strategy design and stakeholder engagement: CSR planning, benchmarking, gap analysis and workshops, CSR strategy design, roadmap and planning definition and implementation and monitoring.

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CSR reporting

We advise on the planning and development of a CSR reporting framework tailored to individual client's needs in line with international best practices and advise on the selection and development of key performance indicators to ensure that our clients effectively address stakeholder expectations in terms of transparency and accountability.  This service comprises 3 main areas, directly linked with sustainability assurance:

  • Reporting and communication planning and strategy
  • Review and improvement of governance, systems and reporting processes
  • Reporting analysis and feedback

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Environmental health and safety due diligence

Chinese law covers all significant aspects of environmental health and safety and its requirements are stringent.  Inadequate Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) performance is commonplace in many enterprises in China and can carry material environmental risks and liabilities.  Those risks and liabilities need to be managed with appropriate indemnities and warranties in the structure of the deal (Environmental Due Diligence).
Whether a company is completing an acquisition, turning around a business, restructuring or divesting itself of assets, we can identify key environmental and social matters that are critical to creating a sustainable business and protecting shareholder value.  We have developed an innovative, process efficient approach to Environmental Due Diligence that is particularly suited to assessing the material EHS risks associated with complex transactions.

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Carbon management

Climate change has emerged as one of the most important political and business issues of our time.  We have been working with policy makers and companies since 1997, helping to analyse issues and develop practical solutions for our clients.  With our global network we offer a broad range of advisory, assurance and professional services that collectively guide clients through the complexities of climate change and emissions trading, especially in the following areas:

  • Greenhouse gases data management, reporting and assurance (Carbon footprint and neutrality)
  • Clean Development Mechanism ("CDM") projects
  • Climate change strategy formulation

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Supply chain risk management

Supply chains are getting more and more complex with many links that are outside the direct control of companies.
Introducing an ethical sourcing policy presents many opportunities such as increased knowledge about and better relationships with suppliers, support of brand values and a basis for increased dialogue with stakeholders on CSR.
We developed an integrated set of diagnostic tools and related services that help clients improve their business performance.  We assist our clients in all aspects of ethical supply chain management to identify, prioritise and address supply chain risks including social, environmental health and safety risks.

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