Sustainability and climate change

The growing global population, demographic shifts, climate change and increasing pressure on diminishing natural resources have all brought sustainability to the top of the political, social and business agenda.
Reporting on social and environmental issues has become more important than ever, as consumers, investors and other stakeholders demand greater transparency about all aspects of doing business today.  Besides new costs to consider, for many sectors and companies, significant new opportunities are emerging, particularly as markets are created for lower-carbon, more sustainable goods and services.  The most agile companies will anticipate these changes, create new products and services, and turn their ethical, social and environmental expertise and credentials into competitive advantage.
In China the prospect of future environmental constraints generates substantial risks and opportunities for businesses.  To meet the challenges of sustainability and climate change, you will have to put these issues at the heart of your business.  With around a 20-year track record in sustainability and climate change, and deep sector-specific experience, we offer a broad range of tax, advisory and assurance services that can help you understand which issues will have the greatest impact for your business, form a coherent strategy to address them, and support you through the often complex organisational changes needed to put your strategy in place.


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