Board and Audit Committee Cyber security update

Jun 2017


Why is this attack different?

A number of organisations across a range of industries have been affected by the recent NHS ransomware attack. Europol has estimated that there are more than 200,000 victims of the attack in 150 countries since it began, describing it as ‘unprecedented in its scale’.

What should I do now?

  •  Be vigilant, there is a risk that attackers will release a new version of the ransomware.
  • Take steps to ensure your security is up to date.

Seven principles for governance of cyber security risk

A comprehensive and practical approach is needed to better manage cyber security risk. Seven principles can help organisations structure their governance of cyber security risk. Adopting these practical steps will help boards and management debate and make the tough decisions needed to develop an adequate response to the threats they face.

1. Real understanding of exposure

2. Appropriate capability and resource

3. Holistic framework and approach

4. Independent review and test

5. Incident preparedness and track record

6. Considered approach to legal and regulatory environment

7. Active community contribution

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