Performance assurance

Multiple developments in global business conditions are raising the stakes for all those responsible for ensuring their organisation's reputation. Among these forces are a challenging and highly competitive economic environment, more intense regulatory scrutiny, a breakdown in the trust relationship between organisations and their consumers and unprecedented demand for access to information about an organisation's activities from key stakeholders, partners and customers. 

Non-financial performance information is becoming increasingly important to all organisations regardless of sector. It is widely recognised that short and long term financial performance are predicated on sound performance information. Confidence in performance information is essential as it forms the basis on which key decisions are made by management, Boards and external stakeholders.

Performance Assurance enables you to make informed decisions, stay ahead of the pack, remain compliant with local regulations and laws and to be trusted by your customers and other stakeholders.

How can PwC help

We help our clients build commercial advantage from reliable business processes and trusted information. 

We do this by:

  • Third Party Assurance - providing independent assurance over information, processes, systems and controls under recognised standards (e.g. ISAE 3402, SSAE 16. ISAE 3000, HKSAE 3402, CAS 3101)

  • Data, regulatory submissions and market promises - providing independent assurance over promises, statements or submissions made to the market, regulators or key stakeholders

  • Commercial, Supply Chain and Outsourcing - helping evaluate, execute and manage third party relationships across the end-to-end supply chain including outsourcing opportunities and commitments

  • Risk Culture - assessing an organisation's culture and behaviours to understand how employees perceive and manage risk

  • Technology & Cloud - providing attestation focusing on the outsourcing of all or part of a company’s technology to third parties 

  • Sustainability Assurance - helping to mitigate risk relating to stakeholders expectations on your sustainability and climate change issues

  • Security & Privacy - assessing exposure to security and privacy risk and providing assurance that a sustainable governance and internal control framework has been established
  • Media, Advertising & Online - providing independent assurance over the effectiveness of advertising platforms and online media

Whatever your need, we bring the challenge of independent experts. We can work with you to bring an assurance solution that fits your needs and delivers the impact you’re looking for.

You can receive assurance over the:

  • Accuracy of information or a data set
  • Design and operating effectiveness of a single or number of processes or sets of controls that underpin your data
  • Compliance against a law, regulation or contract.

This assurance can be in the form of:

  • A public assurance opinion
  • A private assurance opinion to select stakeholders
  • A private report to management or other stakeholders over select subject matter and performance criteria.

We can talk you through the benefits of each level of assurance and think through which level and form of assurance is best suited to your needs and would support you in driving commercial advantage, whether differentiating you from your competitors; safeguarding or enhancing your reputation and the trust stakeholders have in you; or improving the operational efficiency and quality of your controls and processes so that better informed decisions can be made from trusted information.

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