Governance and internal audit

Faced with new challenges, companies are increasingly looking to Internal Audit to provide greater insights and confidence beyond its traditional role

How can we help

PwC China & Hong Kong Governance and Internal Audit services help you anticipate the risks that can threaten your strategic growth.  We identify the interactions between the risks that impact your business.  We understand the interconnections between the ‘lines of defense’, and enable you to turn each function – Internal audit expect more, internal controls consulting, anti-fraud framework, risk management, corporate governance, compliance management, internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing - into a strategic asset to drive business performance.

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Jasper Xu
China Mainland and HK Governance and Internal Audit Service Leader, PwC China
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Stephen Ducker
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Cimi Leung
Risk Assurance China/Hong Kong Markets Leader, PwC Hong Kong
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Eric Yeung
Tel: +[852] 2289 1953

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