PwC collaborates with CSA, enhancing cloud security in China

PwC China signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Greater China on 31 August 2017. The cooperation utilises key strengths of both parties to enhance and promote more robust cloud security in China.

Cloud computing is widely used in China now, and in this mature market, we are seeing more enterprises increasing their investments in cloud security to protect their resources.  This developing context gives our cooperation far-reaching significance. With the CSA’s high quality research and rich experience in application, the cooperation will add cutting-edge technological capability for PwC's professional services, helping us to deliver services aligned to meet the needs of China’s modern cloud security requirements. 

CSA Global General Strategy Counsel and Chairman of Greater China Prof.Li Yuhang said: “PwC is among the first companies to acquire CCSSP and CSACT. The Risk and Assurance team has a wealth of industry experience and a strong commitment to identifying security risks in cloud computing. Together we will undertake and apply our research in honing an effective approach to cloud security in China, resulting in a win-win situation for domestic businesses.”Concurrent with the agreement signing, CSA’s big data security guidelines have also been released. Entitled; Big Data Security and Privacy White Paper (Chinese Version): 100 best practices, the guideline list the top ten solutions to ten major big data security and privacy issues.

The agreement will see PwC and CSA cooperate closely on a range of cyber security issues including formulation of a new cloud security standard, framework construction, as well as training and research. Further, CSA has authorized PwC to run CSA training sessions (Including C-CCSK, CCSMP, and CCSSP) and issue relevant certification. Both PwC and CSA will work together to prepare the professional instructors who will lead the training courses. Additionally, PwC and CSA will work together on business initiatives including undertaking comprehensive research into safety standards, cloud computing, product safety testing, and related advisory services. The cloud security research undertakings will be geared to generate findings with practical market applications. 

Agreement signed by Mr. Yang Weiwu CFO of CSA Great China and Ms.Lisa Li, PwC China Cybersecurity & Privacy Service Partner, under witness by Mr. Li Yuhang, Chairman of CSA Greater China and Jim Woods, PwC Global Risk Assurance Leader

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