Big Data and Analytics Innovation Summit

On 22 Nov. 2017, the “Big Data and Analytics Innovation Summit” was successfully held in Beijing. This is the once again at this year that PwC has been invited to participate in this series of events following the Hong Kong Summit in April and the Shanghai Summit in September. Jennifer Ho, Global Risk Assurance Data & Analytics Leader, and Charlie Fu, China Central Risk Assurance Leader, delivered the keynote speeches respectively for the Hong Kong and Shanghai Summits. At this final event, Mr. Wang Meng, Director of Data Analytics, Risk Assurance in Northern China, delivered a keynote speech and shared the research results on the subject of business decisions as published in “Big decisions 2.0” issued by PwC. They also demonstrated how data visualization and data analytics can help drive business decisions through the informative industry case studies.

Mr. Wang Meng, Director of Data Analytics, Risk Assurance in Northern China (Beijing Summit)

Mr. Charlie Fu, China Central Risk Assurance Leader (Shanghai Summit)

Ms. Jennifer Ho, Global Risk Assurance Data & Analytics Leader (Hong Kong Summit)

This series of summits invite top executives and professionals from a variety of industries, including science and technology, communications, internet, retail and consumer products, finance, healthcare and industrial manufacturing, to participate and share cutting-edge data analytics technologies and experience in their respective fields.

Huge amounts of business data are readily available today. As data continues to grow, whether it is big or small, executives can gain deeper insight into their businesses, customers, employees, markets, and even the complexities of the economy. However, most business leaders can use just a fraction of the data. Companies that have a good grasp of data and analytics will open up even more opportunities; businesses will be more creative, and they will more likely find ways to increase business revenue and long-term growth. We can also see that, in this big data era, corporate executives tend to rely more on data-driven insights when making major strategic decisions.  

In his speech, Mr. Wang Meng demonstrated how PwC can help companies achieve effective data management, eliminate isolated data in business operations, and leverage highly-commercially valuable information through data visualization and analytics. In addition, Mr. Wang Meng introduced the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services recently launched by PwC, and explained how RPA can help enterprises to achieve the efficient work automation, reduce labor costs, and also improve the efficiency and quality of data acquisition.

Key strategic decision base and data requirements

PwC Risk Assurance  provides data analytics and third-party data assurance services to help companies unlock the value of data, assist businesses to build trust in data, use advanced algorithms and visualization techniques to improve the decision-making ability for enterprises, establish key predictive measures, meet the different levels of data analytics and insight requirements of enterprises, and also embed data and analytics  in the business, to drive the implementation of strategic decision-making. PwC’s keynote speech was well received by the audience, and generated much discussion after the meeting.

During the summit, PwC used smart touchscreens to demonstrate data and analytics solutions and  sample industry cases from Risk Assurance. Participants could gain a deeper understanding of Mr. Wang Meng speech through live demonstrations and hands-on experience. In addition, we also provided product flyers to introduce our artificial intelligence, media forensics, continuous monitoring, and visual dashboard services. During the summit, our data and analytics services representatives discussed various technical details of big data analytics with experts across industries. All the participants enthusiastically exchanged ideas with our colleagues for more information on the industry.

The big data and analytics innovation summit proved to be highly successful. PwC will continue its commitment to driving the depth and breadth of data and analytics, combining industry experience and insight, to deliver greater business value to our customers.

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