Controls assurance

Helping organisations establish and operate their systems, processes, internal controls and risk management procedures effectively

Emerging markets, mergers and acquisitions, the globalisation of competition and capital, and quantum leaps in communications technology, are continually changing the business environment, making it more complex than ever before.

PwC is here to help you navigate the dynamic and evolving business landscape and increasingly rigid regulatory requirements, responding to your global and local business issues.

Capital markets and IPO

Going public and being public require multidisciplinary approaches that involve all areas within an organisation. Bringing together specialist disciplines and commercial expertise, we give you the insight, foresight and independent advice you need to be confident in addressing IPO requirements and obligations.

Internal control reviews and governance for going public in Hong Kong, Mainland China and US

Sustainability assurance, climate change advisory and integrating ESG into business decisions

Discover the value of data and build trust in data

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Trust and transparency

In an interconnected business environment, knowing your business partners and vendors is critical to maintaining the trust and confidence of your customers and stakeholders. As your reliance on third parties grows, so does the need to foster trust and transparency with those organisations.

Strengthen trust and transparency in your relationships with customers and stakeholders

Tailored solutions for risk prevention, risk response and risk rectification

Software Asset Management (SAM), Software Licensing Compliance (SLC) and channel partner/royalty compliance

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Regulatory compliance

Embedding compliance into both strategy and everyday operations begins with management effectively establishing the tone from the top, assessing compliance and ethics risks in collaboration with other risk functions and building a governance and oversight structure that provides a high level of confidence over regulatory matters.

Regulatory and compliance matters

Case studies on FATCA, CRS and IS Guideline

Case studies on construction management in capital projects and infrastructure

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