Reporting with impact

Don't let important messages get lost through poor reporting. 

As the data available to businesses increases, the need to communicate your message quickly, clearly and concisely grows. 

Often communications will be lengthy and full with content, this can mean that key messages are missed or lost. Rather than visual and streamlined reporting.

How can we help?

We have created a reporting process that can be used to evaluate any process, group of activities or critical metrics. Rather than a text heavy deliverable, The Insight Report is graphical, interactive and can even include pictures and videos to explain how things work.

The reporting assesses the maturity of the controls that sit behind each activity helping the user to quickly build up a picture.

We have used Insight reports to help clients in a variety of ways:

  • PwC Insight reports can be displayed on your company website and used to help external stakeholders understand how your company monitors its supply chain (e.g. food safety, customer data management controls or controls over counterfeit goods).
  • Insight reports can quickly provide Senior Executives with an independent view of controls/progress to achieve key internal strategic objectives e.g. a key business change project or the integrity of processes that generate information to track progress of a critical initiative e.g. opex reductions or the elimination of product quality issues.

The Insight Report is a graphical and interactive way to communicate a clear story.

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