Outsourcing arrangements

Is another Company providing a service for you?

How do you know if the Company is delivering on their commitments to you? Do you know if the Company is managing your risks responsibly?

When your Company is entering into a new outsourcing arrangement are you sure that you are capturing all the risks attached to the services, and none are missing? Do you have proper controls in place to ensure that the risks will be captured.

Entering into third party relationships can create both a reputational and an operational risk for you. Do you have a suitable Third Party Risk Management framework in place to identify and manage these risks?

How can we help?

We can provide professional input into helping you challenge the risks associated with specific arrangements.

Our team has gained insights into the design, adoption, and sustainability of such frameworks and can work with you to implement a suitable management process commensurate with the risks associated. This includes establishing strong sponsorship and leadership, creating a complete inventory of all relationships and assessing the nature and magnitude of the risks associated.

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