Managing vendor risks

Are you using a service provider to perform certain services for you?

For example, IT services, payroll or network management?

Most companies in today's globalised world make use of service providers. They can help business reduce costs, focus on what makes them special and allow start-ups to become global businesses overnight.

Increasingly when disruption hits businesses the root cause can be traced back to a service provider.

So, are you effectively managing your vendor risks?

How can we help?

We have worked with many leading organisations to assist them in a number of areas:

  • helping to design and implement a risk management framework;
  • reviewing the overall framework for vendor risk;
  • a specific deep dive over a specific outsourcing arrangement;
  • development of remediation programmes after a service failure;
  • designing and operating a compliance programme for managing service provider relationships;
  • supporting on reviewing frameworks for regulatory compliance; and
  • completing assurance reviews for the benefit of regulators.

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