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Your hard earned reputation has been built up over a long period of time but failing to protect your customers’ data could see all trust be lost in a single stroke.

It's a risk that all businesses face: it is not only those Companies holding large volumes of customer data, such as credit card companies or government departments. If you get this wrong you will lose your customers, contacts and key routes to market. However, if you get it right you will reap the value of customers' well-earned trust.

Security risks can emerge from a number of different areas:

  • People and their attitude and awareness to their responsibilities and your security strategies.
  • Processes and their quality. 
  • Service Providers and where you transfer data.
  • Technology and the robustness of your network architecture, applications and network security systems.

How can we help?

We have a variety of solutions that can help you show how seriously you take your customers' business:


We can work with you to perform a diagnostic analysis of your current position helping to identify any potential gaps and what we see in the market. Insight Reporting: We can help you engage with your customer base through insight reporting on your website.

SOC 2 Reporting

A framework specifically for information security, a SOC 2, has been launched in the past few years. A SOC 2 allows for a formal assurance opinion over security controls to be issued, covering their effectiveness over a period of time. While these controls may not impact directly an entity’s financial statements, they are now hugely significant to organisations both from an operational and reputational perspective. A SOC 2 report can be shared with your customers to help build trust over the security of their data. Or a combination of the above.

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