Controls and process assurance

Winning new business or retaining what you already have can depend upon showing your customers how they can be confident that you will not let them down on what matters most.

How to do this is the question. Firstly we think that actions speak louder than words. Showing how you ensure that you meet your customer's expectations on anything from supply chain integrity to the way you protect confidential information they share with you is far better than just making promises. Secondly, we believe that when someone else, trusted in the market confirms the accuracy of what you say, this is doubly convincing.

Increasingly, customers are looking for just this level of insight into their suppliers over key business activities, industry issues and, in some sectors, regulators are requiring it. 

How can we help?

We have a variety of solutions that can help you show how seriously you take your customers' business. We can provide assurance around your controls covering key metrics, the operation of processes or even the ethical or cyber security standards you have implemented. Depending upon your need materials can be created to support a particular customer, deal or contract or address what you do for everyone. We can also help provide reporting that can be shared with prospective customers or even included within your website.

In all cases we can work with you to understand what your client and stakeholders specific needs are to identify the right attestation solution for you. This will likely be a three step process, first helping you set the right scope and approach before the second stage which is working with you on a readiness assessment to ensure the right controls are in place to address customers needs before any reporting is issued to customers.

After the initial stage we will then move on to a formal attestation report with confidence. Depending on your needs we can provide reporting under a range of internal standards; e.g SOC, ISAE 3402, SSAE 16.

By delivering an independent, tailored, and customised attestation, we can help you convey to both existing and prospective customers the commitments you can achieve. 

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