Edwin Wong In the past decade, we’ve witnessed enormous growth in China outbound investment. With such growth comes the remarkably increased sophistication of relevant professional services, of which PwC China is the clear market leader. Ten years ago since we first set up our outbound services team, we have been involved in a series of milestone outbound deals. PwC's professional team, with 600 strong transaction related specialists in mainland China and Hong Kong alone plus ten of thousands professionals within its global network, has helped drive the sophistication of these professional services. Going forward, we see more focus on post-deal integration and the maintenance of existing structures to ensure effective management and value realisation. PwC's professional team is committed to helping Chinese enterprises become genuine global players on the stage of world commerce.

Financial advisory

Successful investing requires identification of opportunities, a comprehensive understanding of inherent complexities of cross-border transactions, co-ordination with all stakeholders of the investment, designing appropriate negotiation and bid strategies, and pro-active management of the overall transaction process.

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Due diligence

We can help you better understand value drivers and negotiation points based on thorough and focused due diligence across key areas such as financial, tax, operational, HR and IT.

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Tax and financial structuring

The objective of tax and financial structuring is to maximise your outbound investment value through designing tax efficient acquisition and holding structures and financial arrangements for your consideration.

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Closing & post deal

Our post-deal services are designed to help you take immediate control of the business and avoid value leakage through poor control, failure to achieve synergies, and unanticipated integration costs. We work with management pre-deal to identify the actions that will establish control and deliver value post-deal, make the post-deal action plan (e.g., post-deal plan immediately after the closing and/or in a medium and long period) and support in the implementation.

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