Intelligent Archive

Compliant messaging + intelligent chat assistant

How do you communicate with your clients?

These days more and more people are using mobile messaging apps to build & maintain relationships with clients & colleagues. For people who are client facing specifically, their clients' expect service via chat.





Intelligent Archive enables you to fully leverage messaging platforms to interact with your clients.


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Why Intelligent Archive?

The rise in the usage of messaging apps, many of them unmonitored communication channels, has expanded the compliance challenge for financial institutions. Regulators have taken notice and have issued or are considering issuing guidance on electronic communications. Intelligent Archive, PwC China's first FinTech application, allows you to remain compliant while connecting with your clients where they are.

What is Intelligent Archive?

Intelligent Archive (IA) is a compliant messaging tool which allows communications to be archived and retrieved from within popular social messaging applications. Users can also look forward to an in-app ‘Smart Concierge’ , a configurable chatbot which supports client facing staff working on mobile.

3 reasons to choose Intelligent Archive

Communicate with clients via their preferred platforms. Intelligent Archive is enabled within common messaging apps that we use on a daily basis; no separate app download is required.

Business conversations are recorded and securely stored to serve as an audit trail for client communications. Authorised teams can assess the records at any time via a dashboard.

Intelligent Archive is BYOD friendly and allows users to separate personal and business conversations. It is compliant while protecting the privacy of users.

Key features

A compliant messaging platform

The software tool provides a separate, recorded chat line within popular mobile messaging applications. Staff & clients can chat within this recorded line without fear of being outside of compliance parameters. This opens up a new sales channel for front-line staff.



Clients and client facing staff are busy, and for many, downloading & using a separate application is a hassle they will avoid. For this reason, Intelligent Archive is delivered with no separate app download. Clients & staff simply enable the application from within apps they use every day.

Conversation history retrieved easily

With Intelligent Archive, conversation records are securely stored to serve as an audit trail of client communications. This audit trail provides necessary records of client conversations and can help demonstrate compliance to regulatory requirements. Additionally, firms can use this data to derive insights into client preferences & client facing staff behaviors.

Records with privacy

Client facing staff’s conversations with family or loved ones are private. As such, Intelligent Archive only records and archives conversations undertaken via the private chat line initiated with clients.

Keep your messages secure

The application encrypts message traffic between user’s phones & the archive, ensuring communications stay between three parties: the sender, the recipient, and the company using Intelligent Archive.

Multimedia support

Clients are used to fully featured chat apps, with file sharing, voice messages, and the all-important emoji. For this reason, Intelligent Archive provides all features commonly found in mobile messaging platforms & more. Clients can now send photos of identification, voice confirmations or a completed form without leaving the mobile application interface. And the receipt will be in the bank’s records.


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