Connected Shield

Advancing endpoint security collectively

Connected Shield is an endpoint security solution that empowers employees and IT departments to detect and respond to cyber crime together, and stop it on the spot. It detects suspicious activity at the endpoint by continuously monitoring for signs of an attacker’s behaviour.

Created in Hong Kong, it is suitable for businesses of all sizes and can be used as a Software as a Service or an On-Premise solution in multiple countries.

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Key Features

Suspicious activity detection

Connected Shield proactively monitors a range of attack profiles, command usage and in-bound connections to protect you from known and unknown threats. Build on extensive incident response knowledge from PwC’s Global Cyber practice we can anticipate to possible attacker’s behaviour, and catch them in the act.

Decentralised response model

Connected Shield uses a decentralised alert system that automatically alerts endpoint users of potential threats and collects their feedback. The quick verification and user response weeds out the false positives and shortens the time it takes for organisations to respond to a potential attack. The IT team can monitor the end-users feedback and response time in the background.

Breach auto-containment

Connected Shield immediately contains endpoints on which suspicious activity is confirmed to prevent further damage. This automatic response helps contain the malware early in the act and prevent further harm to the rest of your network.

Real-time visibility incident management

Our dashboard provides a single view to manage all your endpoints. It gives you an overview of current and historic statuses, outstanding alerts and logs your incidents. The dashboard is user friendly and provides your IT team the tools to easily contain or resolve issues if manual handling is required or desired.

3 reasons to choose Connected Shield

Detect smarter

Add a new layer of protection to quickly identify real attacks

Respond faster

Leverage the collective power of your employees to help catch cyber criminals early in the act and stop them

Stay up to date

Harness PwC’s cyber security response
experience through continuous update


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