PwC New Ventures

Ideating, building and licensing New Technology based products and solutions

What is PwC New Ventures?

Technology continues to evolve the business world and is increasingly forcing us to think about our business in new ways. New Ventures was established to enable PwC to invest in new digital business models empowered by established and emerging technology, to build a portfolio of innovative products and proprietary IP, and create new value for our clients and PwC.

What we do

We ideate, build and license new technology based products and solutions that complement our brand, purpose and services, creating new non-traditional value for our Firm and clients. Our portfolio includes products at all stages of the development cycle, from initial stage ideas to production grade products and commercialisation.

Who we are

We are a world-class team of talented and dynamic experts including full stack developers, UX designers, product sales specialists and product managers. This is an exciting, agile and fast paced business with a unique advantage over traditional start-ups – our ability to leverage PwC’s global network of subject matter experts, industry expertise, and deep client relationships.

Jones Ho, programmer
"New Ventures to me is a place where you could experience everything exciting one expects from a start-up environment, without worrying about fund raising."

Jones Ho, Full Stack Developer

Euphenia Cheng, UX Designer
"At New Ventures, we strive to solve business problems using a collaborative process, encompassing all aspects of the user's interactions with your product."

Euphenia Cheng, UX Designer

Aaron Tang, Product Owner
"I love the blend of different backgrounds and experiences we bring together in our team. As part of the PwC network I get to work on a wide variety of products; from idea validation to launching in another market - it's always a new challenge!"

Catherine Chavez, Product Owner

Patrick Tang, Sales
"New Ventures brings together the best of PwC: high risk and compliance standards, a wealth of industry insights, and a team of world-class developers, product leads and specialists to meet customer needs."

Patrick Tang, Sales


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Contact us

Jim Woods

Chief Risk Officer and Chief Digital Officer, PwC China

Tel: +[852] 2289 2316

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