Deal support

The provision of IT expertise is to perform expert review of IT functions including assisting companies to identify the potential IT risks in a deal, to assess alternative solutions, to estimate a range of cost based on respective approaches, assess the maturity of IT governance, realize the value of the deal.  Our services range from an initial evaluation of the likely IT issues to the support of integration and cost reduction strategies and subsequent PMI work.

IT due diligence

The provision of IT expertise is to:

  • Evaluate the suitability and sustainability of the IT organization, infrastructure and applications;
  • Assess the adequacy of the current applications and hardware to meet the existing and future business needs;
  • Evaluate the extent to which current systems provide management with timely and accurate information;
  • Assess the appropriateness of IT budget to support the business and planned projects;
  • Quantification of financial / business operations impact where IT issues are identified;
  • Highlight the potential impact of a transaction on the IT function and its ability to support the business; and
  • Where applicable assess the achievability and timing of the defined IT cost synergies, along with quantification of any associated sensitivities.

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Post merger integration / separation

Our post merger integration services are to

  • Identify, define and deliver the merged entities IT integration opportunities / initiatives post transaction;
  • Identify and evaluate the financial IT synergy benefits, along with IT opportunities to support the new business operating model; and
  • Support the client management teams to integrate and align their IT cultures, landscapes and footprints to maintain "business as usual" throughout the integration.


Our post separation services are to develop / assess the IT plan for the establishment of a separated IT environment to support the stand-alone business plan.  This consists of expertise to:

  • Assess the current providers of IT services;
  • Evaluate the one-off IT separation costs;
  • Assess the timeframe to implement the plan and the related IT TSA requirements;
  • Evaluate the on-going IT and business cost impact;
  • Assess the key separation risks and identify possible mitigating actions; and
  • Assess the ability for the business to operate on the first day of being sold.

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