We work with our clients to develop winning strategies for China, one of the most compelling markets in the world.  In a country as huge and dynamic as China, reliable information is hard to find and a lot of noise is generated from unreliable sources.  Our approach is to be fact-based and practical, obtaining information directly from trusted primary and secondary resources, and applying our analytic capabilities and deep experience to develop strategies for success. 
We work with clients to develop and review corporate and business-unit ("BU") level strategy in a wide variety of situations, including:

Corporate strategy and portfolio management

We work with clients to create a vision for their business by developing the overall corporate strategy and BU portfolio strategy.  We do this by understanding and measuring how the BUs create value, identifying the impact of technological and market trends on the future structure of the portfolio, assessing how the centre adds value, measures and incentivizes the BUs, and optimizing the financial strategy for the group.  We go further than traditional consultants by being able to execute transactions for clients on buy and sell side, helping dispose non-core BUs and identify and close deals in growth areas.

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Business unit strategy

We help clients realize the full potential of their businesses by identifying and prioritizing opportunities, setting strategic objectives based on assessments capabilities, resource requirements and risk, and develop detailed business plans to meet these objectives.  BU Strategy is applied to a wide variety of situations including Asia growth strategy, China market entry, joint venture business planning, turnaround strategy, in addition to regular BU strategic planning.

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Due diligence and independent review

We help investors assess investment opportunities by providing commercial diligence services, typically involving reviewing the prospects for the industry and the target’s own competitive position in the industry.  Ultimately this is expressed in a set of projections which we can review or, as can be the case in China, assist the target company management to prepare.  We work for financial investors including private equity funds and hedge funds, debt investors such as lending banks and banks facing debt to equity restructuring situations, and corporate clients who may have no presence in China and so need local insights.

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Cross-border growth

We work with multinational corporations to develop Asia growth strategy and China growth and market entry strategy, and with domestic Chinese companies in their overseas expansion, be it through greenfields or deals.

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