Value from risk and finance alignment

May 2017

Managers of financial institutions are under pressure from management, boards of directors, investors, and regulators to:

(1) deliver improved and more transparent performance management data, and 

(2) effectively price for risk when making business decisions while 

(3) meeting regulatory expectations. 

In order to meet these demands, PwC sees a significant industry shift towards greater alignment between the risk and finance functions.  Though some institutions have already started along the path towards alignment, results from our recent global survey of 30 financial institutions indicate a significant gap between the importance that progress management is making towards greater alignment of the two functions and the results achieved thus far. 

We explore why there should be alignment in the first place and the importance of it.  We will share our views on what good looks like and highlights of our survey results.  Finally, we look at the practical steps that financial institutions can make in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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