Workforce rewards

Workforce rewards consulting helps you plan, execute and monitor the employee rewards programs and make sure you attract, retain and motivate your people with the right package

Client business issue – when do you need us?
  1. Ensure company’s rewards strategy is being aligned to achieve company strategy
  2. Need to build a robust salary structure that is aligned with both market trends and company’s internal job grading system
  3. Seek to reinforce a performance-based culture through the incentive program
  4. Have concerns on whether different functions of employees (e.g. sales, R&D, back office and etc.) are motivated and retained effectively through rewards

Key benefits to clients
  • Align management and employee efforts, decisions and priorities toward business goals
  • Align rewards strategy, improve effectiveness of compensation cost and drive business growth
  • Attract more potential employees and retain high performers with the right rewards package
  • Drive employee motivation and improve morale

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