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Successful companies rely not only on their market position and internal effectiveness, but also on a highly consistent and clear strategy framework that can coordinate these factors at each level. However, how to succeed in strategy execution has become the key issue for executives, which requires a systematic supporting mechanism and distinctive capabilities.

In order to improve the effectiveness of the strategy execution, PwC has designed a new strategic management framework in adapting the rapid change of the market environment. We customise the strategy for our clients based on the expectations of shareholders, enterprise needs and internal structure and networks, and we seamlessly interface our design solutions with other consulting services to ensure the excellence of strategy execution.

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At PwC, our pioneering approach, built on distinctive capabilities, enables companies to focus on their greatest strengths and gain a competitive advantage. Our rich experience is not limited to strategic planning, but also includes the use of our expertise in strategy effectiveness assessment, strategy execution management, strategy supporting mechanism and etc. to ensure the successful achievement of strategic goals.

Our experiences:

  • For a leading rural commercial bank in China seeking internal operation diagnostic, we focused on strategy effectiveness assessment and helped the client sort out the main problems and pain points in the development process, setting a clear direction and laying a solid foundation for further transformation of the company.
  • For a large global conglomerate of manufacturing and services seeking strategic workforce planning, we worked side by side with the client to identify and plan for the talent requirements of their five-year business goal to triple revenue within their China operations. By defining capability requirements, skills and talent gaps and identifying pivotal roles and developing retention strategies, we helped the client develop the HR business plans to ensure the sustainable growth of its china business.

Strategy effectiveness assessment

Strategy effectiveness assessment acts as the guarantee mechanism of an effective strategy framework. To bring real solutions that deliver in an unknown future, we review and evaluate the rationality and implementation result of the “as-is” strategy, and propose optimisation suggestions on clients’ operating model, structure, performance and talent management based on the diagnostic results to ensure core competitiveness and long-term stable growth. At the same time, our services can effectively promote the strategic thinking and problem-solving skills of middle and senior managers.

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Strategy implementation map and balanced scorecard

PwC’s strategy implementation map helps clients align their organisation for effective strategy execution based on cause-and-effect linkages across the four perspectives of balanced scorecard (BSC), which dynamically monitors their strategy and largely reduces the uncertainty in the execution process. Moreover, we help clients design systematic performance indicators and corresponding initiatives to ensure the effectiveness of strategy execution.

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Strategic workforce planning

Our strategic workforce planning covers headcount, talent structure and capability. We help clients translate strategy into organisational capabilities and identify pivotal roles as well as new job requirements, and further identify the headcount and capability gaps in the next three to five years based on workforce supply and demand projections to develop HR strategies and action plans. This helps clients to "hardwire" people strategy to corporate strategy reliably and cost-effectively in a real-world environment.

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