Strategy implementation and execution / BSC

Provide end to end full strategy implementation solutions for hundreds of organizations in China. Industrial experience includes aerospace, automotive, banking and financial services, telecommunications, energy, engineering design and construction, media and entertainment, government and public services, health care, industrial products, medicine, real estate, retail and consumer goods, science and technology and etc.


Strategy execution management solutions based on balance scorecard (BSC) mainly includes:

  • Clarify and describe the strategy - clarify the strategy in organizaitons, refine strategy points, use a strategy map and balanced scorecard for clear strategic communication
  • Organization control and optimization - enhance organizational core competence, build competitive organization structure to support strategy execution
  • Cascade strategy - cascade strategies to divisions and units, achieve alignment in strategy cascade vertically and horizontally
  • Monitor strategy execution - establish management system of strategy execution, control strategy implementation dynamically and correct strategy
  • Optimize organizational performance evaluation - evaluate organization performance effectively through BSC input
  • Link strategic performance and incentive system - cascade strategy to positions and individuals, build incentive system based on developing strategy by linking individual performance evaluation


Key benefits to clients

  • Clarify business strategy, refine strategy points and formulate strategy map
  • Deploy the strategy map to describe the enterprise strategy and transform to the balanced scorecard and strategy initiatives
  • Achieve alignment by cascading strategy to different business units to recognize sustainable development
  • Cascade strategy to positions to build strategy execution system
  • Establish effective and dynamic strategy execution monitoring and managing mechanism
  • Link strategy and individual performance, establish incentive scheme that is consistent with business strategy, enhance cost effectiveness and promote sustainable growth

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