Organisation governance

Organisation governance and structure design helps clients to optimize the organisation governance and clarify the interfaces of different department or restructure the organisation

Client business issue - when do you need organisation governance and structure design?

  1. The existing control mode is not suitable for the new stage of company
  2. A major change in the company strategy is not matched with the organisation governance and the organisational structure
  3. At all levels of the organisation and the same interface between vertical level between various departments of the transverse interfaces exists many problems
  4. The organisation departments are independent, have lot barriers, integration collaborative weakly
  5. Organisational structure optimization scheme is hard to do

Key benefits to clients - what can be achieved by organisation governance and structure design?

  • Establish the effective relationships for organisation governance and organisation structure to support corporate strategy
  • Clear and detailed control function for different level
  • Eliminate gray, blank function area, forming in each department consensus of longitudinal and transverse interfaces
  • Customers and market orientation, to form integrated and efficient process for designing the best competitive organisation structure
  • Use process as the implementation of the carrier, to form the organisational structure optimization scheme supporting the implementation of the solution

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