Human resource management

HR is changing. In an ever-evolving business environment, tremendous forces are radically reshaping the workplace.

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There are new workforce management, business talent solutions, and technology challenges to be faced as business leaders wrestle with disruptive innovation, global trade, skills mismatches and the constant tests of risk and regulation. Inside each of these challenges is an opportunity to redefine and reinvigorate the performance of your organisation through the way work gets done. Building greater enterprise value with a resilient and dynamic workforce means your business will be agile enough to navigate any scenario with a team that not only adapts, but thrives. 

Let us show you what is possible and work side by side with you based on our deep consulting experience in human resources (HR) management to help your company build differentiated capabilities to win in the market competition.

How we can help

PwC helps clients cope with the challenges of talent and improve the effectiveness of HR functions. Our design solutions are backed by one of the world's most robust database of human resources metrics - Saratoga, which covers industry sectors worldwide with more than 300 metrics relating to workforce productivity, span of control, succession, recruiting costs and efficiency, quality of hire, labour costs, turnover, diversity, human resource department cost, and organisational structures.

Our services include job management, compensation and long-term incentive, staff performance management, talent development and learning.

Our experiences:

  • For a global energy company seeking a comprehensive assessment of its global performance management processes applying to more than 100,000 employees, we helped the client review and optimise the compliance and quality of its performance assessment framework and provided tools and support to ensure the effective implementation of new processes.
  • For a large and state-owned company funded by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) in China seeking job and compensation system optimisation, we helped the client identify pivotal roles, build a scientific and effective job management system based on our industry-leading job evaluation tool and proposed optimisation programs to ensure the improvement of performance.

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Johnny Yu

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Lukia Xing

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