Enterprise performance management (EPM)

The current business environment is faced with increasing challenges. Many of the enterprises have been struggling with retaining a sustainable growth and profitability solely based on the macroeconomic growth or few individual high potential market. The market uncertainties and volatility that management teams are facing increase the difficulty of strategy decision making and implementation to a great extent. The dynamic strategic information is essential for prompt, clear and effective decisions that are implemented in different units. With the addition of rich resources and incentive scheme, shareholders’ value will be greatly extended.

The management ability of integration of strategy & planning / budgeting & performance is essential for efficient and accurate business decisions. Building a systematic business performance management includes:

  • Focusing on clarifying strategy development path and core objectives
    • Describe the strategy - describe the key elements
    • Measure the strategy - assist organizations to develop accurate measuring system
  • Compile annual business plan and financial budget that are consistent with strategic development 
    • Cascade the strategy - develop annual business plan, compile financial budget, and distribute resources based on strategy
  • Incorporate horizontal synergic requests and cascade advanced development objectives
    • Set key performance indicator for subordinate units - use top-down approach to cascade strategy and set key performance indicator based on horizontal synergic requests
  • Establish structural reporting system
    • Manage dash board-provide one-stop decision support for management through comprehensive measuring system and active reflections of business operating status
  • Build performance and incentive scheme
    • Organization performance management system - start with the enterprise strategy, define a clear objective and build management incentive scheme through analysing the objective and core business process - linking individual and organizational performance to establish a feasible, suitable and sustainable compensation incentive scheme


Key benefits to clients

  • Translates business development goals to feasible short and mid-term strategic path
  • Cascade short and mid-term business strategy into annual business plan
  • Incorporate annual business plan into financial budget
  • Build strategic management incentive scheme with the help of information decision-making based on customized structural reporting system

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