Corporate strategy clarification

The goals of the coaching strategy clarification is to let the clients learn the methodology and formulate their strategy by themselves through lots of coaching works and workshops hosted by the consultant, then to improve the capability of strategy formulation

Client business issue - when do you need corporate strategy clarification?

  1. The strategic planning is difficult to understand, communication and execution
  2. Strategic planning is not practical, then implement difficultly
  3. Business strategy and function strategy is not form a cohesive force to support corporate strategy

Key benefits to clients - what can be achieved by corporate strategy clarification?

  • Through the tools training and project management, could build a discussion and decision-making management platform for the enterprise
  • Let internal core staff fully participate in the project and top and middle managers discuss together, then form their thinking consistent and ensure the strategic goals and strategic measures implemental
  • Through the knowledge transfer and on-site guidance, the project can develop lots of talents who could formulate enterprise strategic plan professionally
  • Promote the abilities improvement of the senior managers for strategic thinking and problem solving effectively

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