Big Decisions 2.0: China findings overview


How corporate decision making is changing in China

Huge amounts of data are now at the fingertips of businesses. With the ever-increasing influx of data, both “big” and “small”, executives can know radically more about their businesses, customers, employees, markets – even about complex economic dynamics; however, most business leaders only use a fraction of the data available to them. For companies that can master the promise of data and analytics, opportunities will be unlocked that only the connected world provides. They will become more productive, more innovative and more likely to pinpoint less obvious paths to increase revenue and profitable growth. 

Leaders who use a combination of instinct and analytics to think as expansively as technology will allow see significant impact on their organisation’/s performance. Executives need to integrate data and analytics into their decision-making culture to help their company become more consumer centric, reduce risk, increase security and guard against competition and new entrants. Download the China report to find out what are the few key questions to consider. 


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