About PwC’s Global Data & Analytics Survey: Big Decisions ™

PwC’s Global Data & Analytics Survey: Big Decisions ™ is a new global study that has been carried out to explore how data and analytics help business leaders make better and faster decisions. 

The aim is to provide a continuous dataset which can be filtered by geography, sector and functional role, on the following :

  • How executives are using data and analytics within their businesses today
  • How they’re planning to develop their organizations’ decision-making capabilities over the next five years
  • What are the different types of decisions that are driven by data as opposed to relying on human judgment



We collected diverse perspectives through many different stories. This type of data capture allowed us to look at the full range of perspectives to get a better view of the underlying patterns. Using a narrative-led approach helped us to see the kind of experiences that wouldn’t have been captured in standard survey instruments. As of May 15, 2016, we’ve collected micro stories and other signifying data from more than 2,100 people across more than 10 countries and 15 industries.

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