Greater China IPO Watch 2016

We are pleased to share with you the PwC Greater China IPO Watch 2016. It is an annual publication which surveys stock market listings in Greater China including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taiwan, and provides a comparison with the world's major markets.


It contains comprehensive analysis and statistics and we hope it serves as an useful reference material for issuers in formulating their capital market strategy and direction.

Uncertainty in the global economy in 2016 led to subdued overall fundraising globally, with the impact of Brexit, the US presidential election and rising interest rates creating a less-than-ideal worldwide fundraising climate. As a result, IPO funds raised in the US and Europe decreased 34% and 58% respectively compared to 2015. The Greater China markets proved to be comparatively resilient with only a 20% decrease compared to 2015.


Hong Kong led the world in terms of amount of funds raised, showing the robust position of the territory’s financial markets, with enterprises still viewing it as their first choice of fundraising platform in Asia and even worldwide.

The Greater China exchanges were the fastest growing exchanges in 2016 with 378 IPOs and USD 47.3 billion raised.


The IPO volumes and funds raised in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange reverted to more normal levels after the strong growth shown in 2015.

Total no. of IPOs and funds raised from 2012 – 2016 in Greater China

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