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IFRS 9 disclosures by banks in 2018 interim reporting and transition documents

Many banks are about to plunge into the world of IFRS 9 reporting with application in interim financial statements in 2018. Some banks also plan to issue a separate transition document on key impacts of IFRS 9 at and beyond adoption. These interim reports and transition documents will be the focus of attention from investors, regulators and other key stakeholders. There’s no prescription for how to present this information so we’ve developed this publication help banks navigate that transition.

Moving from incurred to expected credit losses for impairment of financial assets is a game changer

The expected credit loss model applies to all entities and relies on a relative assessment of credit risk. For financial institutions it may mean changes to credit management systems as well as accounting policies. Certain practical expedients and simplifications are available. Some are optional, some are only available in limited circumstances. We share insights on the new requirements.

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