Myanmar business guide

Sep 2017

Myanmar is in the midst of a dramatic political and economic transition. Having moved from military rule to democracy, and from a centrally directed economy to one that is market-oriented, the country is now on a path to a more prosperous future. The World Bank expects Myanmar to be one of the world’s fastest growing economies, with an average growth rate of 7.1% over the next three years. Foreign direct investment is forecasted to remain strong this year. Investors are also waiting for the Myanmar Investment Commission to roll out by-laws and notifications that will make the rules on foreign investment clearer. Yet, amid this optimism, risks still remain for businesses and investors looking to enter one of Asia’s last frontier markets. In particular, the business community remains concerned over the country’s lack of domestic stability. For businesses looking to participate in Myanmar’s growth, we trust that this updated Guide will help you navigate the challenges ahead.

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