Top health industry issues 2016 Issue 3: 2016 is the year of merger mania

Feb 2016

By mid-year 2015, global healthcare deals already had broken records set in 2014, with nearly $400 billion in agreement announced. Expectation are higher for 2016. As industry alignment leaves fewer dominant players, pressure to differentiate in the market will mount. Success will come through tactical growth delivering what consumers value-greater success, improved outcomes and lower costs.

In China, investment trends in the healthcare industry are influenced by medical reform, especially when involving core assets or businesses such as hospitals. Over the past few years, an increasing number of policies have been launched to encourage social capital to invest in healthcare and participate in medical reforms. As a consequence, investors are now less enthusiastic about physical examination centres, cosmetic institutions and dentist surgeries, becoming more focused on investing in hospitals, supply chains and core services such as recovery and diagnosis. The investment from social capital and private healthcare institutes on core business will help improve healthcare services, expand medical coverage and attract more investment.

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