China Tax/Business News Flash

The China Tax and Business News Flash is issued by our National Tax Policy Services Team.  We are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to monitor, study and analyse the existing and evolving policies in taxation and other business regulations in China, with the aim to support our professionals in the course of their provision of quality professional services to businesses and to maintain our thought-leadership by sharing knowledge with the relevant tax and other regulatory authorities, academies, business communities, professionals, as well as any party who is interested in our professional knowledge.


Aug 2017 Issue 28 Looking into the 22 Measures to attract foreign investment, what aspects of business environment for foreign investment in China are improved?
Aug 2017 Issue 27 Outlook for the proposed US tax reform (III) – US government and Republican Congressional leaders release a joint statement indicating tax reform legislation timeline
Jul 2017 Issue 26 Pudong released the measures of financial subsidy during the 13th five-year period aiming to accelerate headquarters economy, industry growth and talent innovation
Jul 2017 Issue 25 Negative List of the Industry Catalogue Guide for Foreign Investment is further shortened to deepen the opening up to foreign capital
Jul 2017 Issue 24 Surprise?! VAT Supplementary Circular in Asset Management Sector Released at the last minute
Jun 2017 Issue 23 China released 2017 version of negative list to further facilitate foreign investment in the pilot free trade zones
Jun 2017 Issue 22 A new landscape of China’s tax treaties: China signs the Multilateral Convention and reveals her positions
Jun 2017 Issue 21 How does China CRS impact high net worth individuals
May 2017 Issue 20 Further Clarification on the Registration Administration for Representative Offices of Overseas NGOs
May 2017 Issue 18 Thousand Groups Project in Progress - Further Collaboration between the Chinese Tax Authorities and Enterprises
May 2017 Issue 17 Tax risks alert - SAT introduces CIT policy risks alert service
May 2017 Issue 15 Super tax incentives for venture capital enterprises and angel investors
Apr 2017 Issue 14 “1+3+7” China’s brand new pattern of Pilot Free Trade Zones (2): A step forward upon the release of the in-depth reform plan of the Shanghai PFTZ
Apr 2017 Issue 13 Further clarification of B2V policies for certain relevant industries
Apr 2017 Issue 12 Outlook for the proposed US tax reform (II) - highlights of the new President’s tax reform principles
Apr 2017 Issue 11 Release of the Administrative Measures on the Thousand Groups List - clearer scope and more regulated work procedures
Mar 2017 Issue 10 “1+3+7” China’s brand new pattern of Pilot Free Trade Zones (1): Achievements review and general introduction of the new PFTZs
Mar 2017 Issue 9 Outlook for proposed US tax reform: implications for China and Chinese companies
Mar 2017 Issue 8 SAT issues administrative measures for special tax investigation adjustments and mutual agreement procedures
Mar 2017 Issue 7 Review and outlook of consumption tax reform - moving ahead steadily and getting ready for further actions
Mar 2017 Issue 6 Interpretation of key fiscal and taxation tasks in 2017 delivered in recent National People’s Congress
Feb 2017 Issue 5 New policy direction for establishing regional headquarters in Shanghai by multinational corporations
Feb 2017 Issue 4 SAFE released new circular to facilitate trade and investment and enhance authenticity and compliance review
Feb 2017 Issue 3 China unveils 20 measures to further open up the economy to foreign investment
Feb 2017 Issue 2 The proposed dedicated tax regime for aircraft leasing business in Hong Kong
Jan 2017 Issue 1 More foreign teachers in China may have the opportunity to enjoy tax treaty benefits


Dec 2016 Issue 40 China introduces the first green tax law for environmental protection
Dec 2016 Issue 39 A Glance at the tax implications of the Shenzhen - Hong Kong stock connect
Dec 2016 Issue 38 New B2V circular released - Clarification on hot B2V issues to bring more benefits to taxpayers
Dec 2016 Issue 37 Industry issues under the B2V pilot program gradually resolved with follow-up circulars
Dec 2016 Issue 36 Development of transfer pricing administration and investigation in China
Dec 2016 Issue 35 Comprehensive interpretation of the new VAT accounting regulations
Dec 2016 Issue 34 Interpretation of the key messages delivered at the national tax work conference on the administration on large business groups
Dec 2016 Issue 33 New trend for cross-border capital under capital account
Nov 2016 Issue 32 SAT and SAFE refine the interim and post administration mechanism by establishing information sharing system
Nov 2016 Issue 31 Standardization and normalization of "Thousand Groups Project": A new stage of tax administration on large business groups
Oct 2016 Issue 30 China releases CRS compliance requirements for financial institutions
Oct 2016 Issue 29 SAT’s new rules on advance pricing arrangements reflect its new thinking on tax administration
Oct 2016 Issue 28 Highlights on the Final FIE Record-filing Administrative Measures and the New FIE Administration System
Oct 2016 Issue 27 G20 leaders recommit to tax cooperation in the context of growth, BEPS, and transparency
Sep 2016 Issue 26 China: new "super" tax incentives for qualified equity incentive plans and investments
Sep 2016 Issue 25 China: Pilot scheme for new work permit cards
Sep 2016 Issue 24 A new big data era for tax administration - what to expect from China's Golden Tax III Project?
Sep 2016 Issue 23 Foreign investment enjoys policy benefits in China with the expansion of “Negative List” administration mechanism nationwide
Sep 2016 Issue 22 B2V Policies are in Gradual Improvement with Focal Issues like Restricted Shares Being Clarified
Jul 2016 Issue 21 Beginning of a new era – SAT issues new China transfer pricing compliance requirements
Jun 2016 Issue 20 New Working Guidelines for the Administration and Assessment of HNTEs – opportunities and challenges
Jun 2016 Issue 19 Extension of the valid period of a Hong Kong TRC for the Mainland-HK DTA eases taxpayers’ administrative burden
Jun 2016 Issue 18 The latest IIT trends and challenges affecting foreign employees
May 2016 Issue 17 China takes a closer step towards the completion of the Resource Tax Reform
May 2016 Issue 16 Administrative measures for VAT exemption on cross-border taxable activities under the B2V Pilot Program – detailed preferential policy conditions and standardised record filing procedure
May 2016 Issue 15 Heads of tax administrations gathered in China to deepen international tax cooperation
May 2016 Issue 14 Further clarification on tax incentives for software and integrated circuit enterprises – new opportunities and challenges
Apr 2016 Issue 13 The market access negative list approach is unveiled in China
Apr 2016 Issue 12 Charity related tax reliefs need to be further clarified as the Charity Law comes into effect on 1 September 2016
Apr 2016 Issue 11 B2V reform (III) - Levying VAT on consumer services
Mar 2016 Issue 10 B2V Reform (II) - Financial service sector has been included in the VAT chain
Mar 2016 Issue 9 B2V reform (I) - Opportunities and challenges to the real estate and construction sectors
Mar 2016 Issue 8 B2V expansion measures released - VAT chain is now completed for all industries
Mar 2016 Issue 7 Highlights of fiscal and taxation reform in 2016 as announced by Premier Li
Mar 2016 Issue 6 US IRS provides guidance for examining 'voluntary tax' issues - impact on MNCs with cross-border operations in China
Mar 2016 Issue 5 The final stage of the B2V Reform to be rolled out from 1 May 2016
Feb 2016 Issue 4 Improvement on the administrative measures for the assessment of HNTEs - New opportunities and new challenges
Feb 2016 Issue 3 Statistics reveal high level of double tax relief in China's MAP process
Jan 2016 Issue 2 Improving market access under the China-Korea and China-Australia Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
Jan 2016 Issue 1 Hong Kong issued a draft tax legislation to promote it as a location for setting up a corporate treasury centre