R&C; Outlook: Territories

This report focuses in particular on the key markets of China, India, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong

China is expected to become the world's largest retail market by 2018 with a market size of US$4.66 trillion, surpassing the US.

Hong Kong ’s heavily-concentrated population and high level of Internet penetration make it a promising prospect for online retail. However, a culture that favours bargain-hunting and a hands-on shopping experience will mean that a large amount of shopping continues to be done offline.

India will supply strong regional growth, averaging 10.7% in nominal terms over the next five years (2014-18).

Japan ’s expenditure on food, beverages and tobacco, estimated at US$480 billion in 2014, is currently the world’s third-largest after the US and China.

E-commerce in Taiwan has also grown strongly, recording double-digit growth in sales in recent years. Retailers are increasingly focused on improving their online offerings, including raising security and delivery standards.

Further profiles of other territories: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam


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South Korea

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