Hong Kong tax publications

2017       Latest Hong Kong Tax News Flash
Feb 2017       Hong Kong Budget 2017/18
Dec 2016       Hong Kong tax review 2016
Dec 2016       Hong Kong: Pre-arrival registration for Indian nationals
Sep 2016       Worldwide tax summaries 2016/17 
Jul 2016       Hong Kong: Termination payments not provided for in employment contract are held taxable
Jul 2016       Hong Kong has joined the inclusive framework for implementation of the BEPS package  (Transfer Pricing News Flash)         

Jun 2016       Hong Kong: IRD's view on taxability of carried interest, and its implications to employee investment plans
Apr 2016       Asia Pacific Tax Notes - Hong Kong report
Apr 2016       Webcast - 2016 budget updates for the financial services industry: Hong Kong, India and Singapore
Mar 2016       Hong Kong: 2016/17 budget eases salaries tax burdens
Feb 2016       Hong Kong Budget 2016/17
Jan 2016       Retail sector: Tax rate benchmarking
Jan 2016       Webcast - Update on global mobility: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia
Dec 2015       Hong Kong tax review 2015
Dec 2015       Strengthening Hong Kong's role as an asset management centre - the FSDC's recommendations (Financial Services Tax News Flash)
Nov 2015       OECD action plan on BEPS: the impact for the Asset Management industry from a China / Hong Kong perspective (China / Hong Kong Asset Management Tax New Flash)
Oct 2015       Consolidated response from the government for implementing AEoI in Hong Kong
Aug 2015       Recent changes to Hong Kong's immigration policy on talent - the practical aspects
Jul 2015       Profits tax exemption for offshore funds extended to private equity funds - law enacted (Private Equity Tax News Flash)
May 2015       Asia Pacific Tax Notes - Hong Kong report
May 2015       Changes to Hong Kong immigration policy - implementation details announced
Apr 2015       How does the standard for automatic exchange of information impact financial institutions' compliance plans?
Mar 2015       Hong Kong profits tax exemption for offshore funds extended to private equity funds – amendment bill gazetted (Private Equity Tax News Flash)
Feb 2015       The 2015/16 Hong Kong Budget - Individual perspective
Feb 2015       Hong Kong Budget 2015/16
Jan 2015       New enhancement measures for Hong Kong immigration policy
Jan 2015       Taxation of Hong Kong investment managers / advisors (Financial Services Tax News Flash)
Jan 2015       Proposals to extend the Hong Kong offshore fund exemption regime (Private Equity Tax News Flash)

Publications prior to Jan 2015 have been archived.