19th Annual Global CEO Survey: Chemical industry key findings

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Feb 2016

Redefining business success in a changing world

59 Chemicals CEOs in 31 countries were interviewed for PwC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey.

Chemicals CEOs are facing a tough business environment, but many still see opportunities for growth increasing over the long term. Capturing these will be challenging though, and companies will need to move quickly or risk being beat out by more agile competitors. They rate climate change as a top force changing stakeholders’ expectations, together with technological advances and a shift in global economic power. They are changing their organisations in response, with customer needs firmly at the centre and increasing their focus on building distinctive capabilities.

Key industry findings:

  • Chemicals CEOs are less confident about global economic and business growth prospects.
  • Chemicals CEOs are addressing stakeholder needs, prioritising long-term over short-term profitability.
  • Risk management, R&D and innovation are the top areas in which chemicals CEOs are making significant changes to respond to stakeholder expectations.

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