19th Annual Global CEO Survey: Transportation and logistics industry key findings

Feb 2016

Redefining business success in a changing world

110 Transportation & Logistics (T&L) CEOs in 49 countries were interviewed for PwC's 19th Annual Global CEO survey.

T&L CEOs see more threats looming, chief among them over-regulation, exchange rate volatility and geopolitical uncertainty. They recognise that the market environment is changing dramatically, as are the expectations of stakeholders from customers to governments to employees. Technology stands out as both a force causing change and a way to manage it. Defining, managing and measuring risk is also a top priority for T&L CEOs looking to get better at meeting customer needs.

Key industry findings:

  • CEOs are wary about economic growth prospects, but confident in their own prospects remain stable
  • CEOs believe customers are seeking relationships with organisations that address wider stakeholder needs
  • Technological advances are re-shaping stakeholder expectations of the T&L industry.

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