Investments in technology, talent and digitally-aligned strategies can create a vibrant digital marketing landscape in Hong Kong

Data-driven and customer-centric solutions key to unlocking advertising value

Hong Kong, 6 Sep 2017 - According to PwC Hong Kong’s latest study commissioned by Digital Marketing Association of Hong Kong (HKDMA) “Digital marketing in Hong Kong: Gathering pace after a slow start”, the share of Internet advertising has exceeded TV advertising to be the largest component of advertising media in Hong Kong.

However, a geographically concentrated market has limited the need and development in pushing digital advertising forward. In order to achieve marketing objectives and create a vibrant digital marketing landscape in Hong Kong, industry players should invest in technology and adopt an integrated marketing strategy, one that aligns digital marketing methods with management goals.

For Hong Kong’s digital marketing industry to move forward, organisations must start adopting digital technologies as an effective way to target potential consumers and promote their brand message. Investing in data analytic tools is one effective way to meet marketing objectives, as it develops optimal data-driven and customer-centric solutions. 

Secondly, industry players should adopt integrated marketing campaigns in order to drive effectiveness and value of both traditional and digital marketing techniques. It avoids the common mistake of siloing ‘digital’ as an isolated role or skill set within the organisation. Integrated marketing campaigns place consumers at the heart of a campaign, allowing frictionless touch points between online and offline products and services, and create a positive user experience. The integrated marketing approach should evolve around customer-centric solutions when developing marketing initiatives, and therefore more likely to achieve optimal advertising impact, and customer engagement with brands.

The report noted that one of the challenges facing Hong Kong’s traditional marketers is the fear of trying something new, and a mind-set of complacency. Two cultural barriers the industry has to overcome first in order to improve levels of innovation and creativity and bridge the digital skills gap between countries. It is essential for organisations to invest in ‘digital’ talent to work alongside ‘traditional’ talent in transforming the organisation to a level of digital literacy and product innovation across the organisation and beyond just marketing department.

“Success of digital marketing in Hong Kong should be defined by the industry’s ability to deploy an optimal mix of digital versus traditional media for each marketing campaign that places the individual consumer in the heart of each campaign. Leveraging consumer data that can drive optimal value and RoI for the advertiser is a strategic way to meet campaign objectives,” says Cecilia Yau, PwC Hong Kong Entertainment and Media Leader. “Through data analytics, advertisers can effectively allocate their advertising and marketing budgets to reach their customers at the right time, in the right context, with the right message and through the right channels in order to achieve the desired brand awareness, engagement or sales.”

“Helping organisations attract, develop and retain talent is a key mission for us, and we are pleased to partner with PwC on this study which reveals valuable insights to nurture professionals in the fast-moving digital marketing industry,” said Cecilia Chan, Executive Director, Digital Marketing Association of Hong Kong (HKDMA).  “HKDMA believes in enabling ‘experiences’ for our talent, be it sharing of experience amongst our fellow digital marketers, or providing a platform for practitioners to immerse themselves in the greatest and latest developments of our profession.”

HKDMA has planned several activities in the coming 12 months:

  1. Training & education sessions – HKDMA arranged various breakfast meetings in the past year to create a platform for its members to share experience and learn from each other.  A full-day training was also organised with Interactive Marketing Bureau (IAB) Singapore. To raise the overall standard and skill sets in our industry, HKDMA will continue to run different breakfast meetings, seminars, workshops and training courses.
  2. HKDMA Job Board – Talent acquisition is always a pain point for digital marketing organisations in Hong Kong. With the upcoming Job Board, HKDMA members have access to free and unlimited postings on the dedicated and centralised platform to gain exposure and reach talent.
  3. Experience sharing with talent from universities – In-person sharing with graduating talent helps convey messages in a more convincing way. HKDMA will join upcoming career talks at various universities featuring young talent from its member companies to share their experience and insights to university graduates.
  4. HKDMA internship – In an effort to provide an enriched experience for young talent to interact and learn from experienced digital marketers from key brands, HKDMA will work with universities to recruit interns to support various functions within HKDMA.

The full report of “Digital marketing in Hong Kong: Gathering pace after a slow start” is available for all HKDMA members.

About the Study

“Digital marketing in Hong Kong: Gathering pace after a slow start” is produced by PwC and commissioned by the Digital Marketing Association of Hong Kong (HKDMA), a not-for-profit association which aims to develop standards and best practice on digital marketing in Hong Kong. This paper aims to explore the current state of play, trends and top of mind issues for marketers as they explore the opportunities provided by digital.

In the preparation of this paper, we talked to leading players in the Hong Kong marketing ecosystem including digital publishers and platform owners, agencies and exchanges, marketers, industry experts as well as measurement organisations. In so doing we gathered first-hand perspective on the current digital marketing landscape in Hong Kong and the specific challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

About Digital Marketing Association of Hong Kong (HKDMA)

Digital Marketing Association of Hong Kong (HKDMA) is a not-for-profit association which aims to develop standards and best practice on digital marketing to shape the future of digital marketing for Hong Kong’s advertising and marketing community.

 The founding members of Digital Marketing Association; comScore, Facebook, Google, Next Digital, Pixels, South China Morning Post and Yahoo! all share a common goal to see marketers embrace digital at a level unprecedented in Hong Kong’s advertising and marketing industry. PwC is a supporting partner to the association.

Through working with its member companies, HKDMA is committed to talent development, education and cutting-edge research about the critical role of digital marketing. 

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