Robotic Process Automation

Initially, RPA was designed to complete administrative work using static rule sets and sophisticated macros. Now, it is evolving to complete more advanced functions, such as analyzing unstructured data sets using natural language processing and content analytics.

More advanced RPA or Intelligence Process Automation (IPA) relies on AI and Machine Learning to automate the handling of business and computing decision making that were typically handled by human workers.


  • Typically used to replace high-volume and repeatable tasks, such as expense reporting or customer onboarding
  • Once in place, RPA can manipulate data, trigger responses, initiate new actions, and communicate with other systems autonomously
  • IPA relies upon cognitive technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing to process semi-structured or unstructured data, as well as to complete exceptions typically requiring human support 

RPA in practice

PwC worked with a major global bank to identify four functional areas within their Loan Operations unit with high potential for automation. We defined a standard RPA reference architecture and developed an assessment which resulted in 45% price down on contract negotiations with existing providers.

A global professional social networking site was seeking ways to increase their revenue per FTE ratio through labor cost optimization. PwC performed an RPA POC and developed a strategy to scale to enterprise, which saved the company 3,369 hours per year across four key processes.

PwC worked with a European postal service provider seeking to reduce operating costs and improve customer service across its business. PwC conducted an RPA pilot to execute automated processes for 84% of new customer account creations, reducing time required from 20 minutes to just 5 minutes with no human interaction.

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