2017 Commercial aviation trends - Digitise and reassess your competitive position

To ensure long-term prosperity, a sense of urgency is required now; figuring out how best to exploit the financial headroom should be at the top of the strategic agenda to airlines. Therefore, two essential drivers will be the use of digital technologies and the development of sharper, more nuanced competitive positioning. Airlines will have to build extensive digital marketing capabilities to stand out in a crowded market.At the same time, airlines need to use digitisation to enhance and optimise operations — to reduce costs while improving service. The once clear-cut competitive landscape in the commercial airline industry continues to evolve. The need to address competitive positioning is made more serious by the fact that no market is safe from competitive threat.

Whether carriers have something to crow about in the upcoming months and years will depend upon how seriously they take today the need to digitise their operations and respond to daunting competitive threats.

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