19th Annual Global CEO Survey: Power and utilities industry key findings

Feb 2016

69 power and utilities CEOs in 32 countries were interviewed for PwC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey.

Power and utilities CEOs face a radically changing business environment that's being re-shaped by major forces, with climate change and technological advances at the top of the list. Regulation and changing consumer expectations are having a dramatic impact on business strategy, while new technology is affecting everything from the grid to alternative power sources to consumer outreach. With energy transformation in full swing, power and utilities companies need to rigorously track risk and communicate the wide-reaching impact they have on individuals, communities, and even whole economies.

Key industry findings:

  • Power and utilities CEOs are concerned about over-regulation, debt and deficit; worries over consumer behaviour and technological change are increasing.
  • Customers are influencing power and utility company strategy nearly as much as government and regulators.
  • Power and utilities CEOs are changing how they use technology to meet stakeholder expectations.
  • Power and utilities CEOs are seeking to better measure key risks, innovation and communicate more on their impact on communities and the environment.

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